How Social Media is innovating Innovation

by mkrupit on June 3, 2011

I gave this talk at the Social Media, Business and Life conference at Delaware Valley College on June 1 (  Being the first time I’ve spoken about Innovation at a public conference, I’d say it went pretty well.  People are too polite to tell me otherwise :-)  No bad tweets, at least!

Used Prezi for the first time. I think it worked out despite not being able to use the powerpoint-enabled “clicker.”  I’ve embedded the Prezi below, but here a link to it just in case.  I will also am attaching my PDF speaking notes – so you can re-enact the presentation, I suppose: How Social Media has innovated Innovation.

Drew upon the work of Steve Johnson, “Where Good Ideas Come From“, and Matt Ridley, “The Rational Optimist“.  Here are a few of their videos that capture the essence and entertain:

Johnson and Ridley had some great quotes – but I also think my discussion of the evolution of the light bulb was pretty well received. I’ll try to capture those thoughts in their own blog post soon.

The whole day was very well put together.  The speakers were informed and engaging, and the networking was excellent.

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